Games Review: Rumu (PC, 2017): I love feelings

Rumu is the second major release from Sydney-based indie developer Robot House. It’s a game about a little robot vacuum cleaner that lives in a smart home run by an AI named Sabrina — a little guy trying to make sense of a big and complicated place. Rumu, as a game, is much the same — a little game with huge philosophical ideas to work through. Continue reading Games Review: Rumu (PC, 2017): I love feelings

Games Review: Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris (PS4, 2017): A pile of weird decisions

There’s almost no reason for you to play Destiny 2‘s first expansion, Curse of Osiris. I’ve tried to find a nicer way to frame the expansion’s futile attempts at justifying its own existence but there’s no getting around it. In a game as massive as Destiny 2, especially one that is designed to keep players coming back, Curse of Osiris feels like scraps thrown to a starving crowd. Continue reading Games Review: Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris (PS4, 2017): A pile of weird decisions

Watch: The Empire State Building illuminated with light and music for The Greatest Showman

The Empire State Realty Trust, Inc. has recently presented a music-to-light show choreographed to the song “This is Me”, created by Academy and Tony Award-winning songwriting duo Benj Pasek and Justin Paul (La La Land, Dear Evan Hansen) featured in the upcoming film The Greatest Showman.... Continue Reading

Film Review: In This Corner of the World (Japan, 2016) is thought-provoking anime for older audiences

Similar to the majority of other anime titles on offer, In This Corner of the World is suitably aimed at older audiences.  Whilst the animated medium usually suggests family-friendly viewing, Sunao Katabuchi‘s thematically heavy drama is more thought-provoking than visually reliant.... Continue Reading

Film Review: The Disaster Artist (USA, 2017) is a profound display of fearlessness

Tommy Wiseau’s laughably bad The Room has such a strong and passionate cult following that the “disasterpiece” is still being discussed, screened and dissected 14 years after its limited cinematic release. There aren’t many films that can boast that kind of staying power, existing in a singular universe where something is so bad it takes on a life that no other film in history (no, not even Troll 2) has, shifting it from self-indulgent melodrama to “quirky new black comedy”. Reframing a film’s genre based on audience reaction is unprecedented; The Room is unprecedented; Tommy himself is unprecedented, so of course when one of The Room’s actor, Greg Sestero, wrote a tell-all book about the bizarre making of this film someone had to come along and adapt it for the world to see.... Continue Reading

Tech Review: BlueAnt Pump Air True Wireless Sportsbuds: Comfortably average

I’m a bit leery of ear bud headphones in general. My ears are constructed in the exact shape that will rudely eject any bud the moment I put them in. Add to this the notion of earbuds that are wireless — the cord being the one thing that typically stops me from losing any pair of buds I own the instant I open the box — and it felt like I already knew how my review of BlueAnt’s new wireless sportsbuds was going to end before it began.

It didn’t though, and that’s probably why I like them so much in spite their flaws. Continue reading Tech Review: BlueAnt Pump Air True Wireless Sportsbuds: Comfortably average

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