Knock Knock, Who’s There? Peter Capaldi for Supanova Comic Con & Gaming!

It’s only been a couple of days since Brisbane and Adelaide got turned upside down with Millie Bobby Brown and Stan Lee making waves for the Supanova Comic Con And Gaming events, but they’ve gone and dropped a huge guest announcement for their April 2018 tour.... Continue Reading

Film Review: The Butterfly Tree (Australia, 2017) is visually lush but fails to produce a story to match

Given how lush Priscilla Cameron‘s debut feature The Butterfly Tree appears, it’s a real shame that the material at hand doesn’t match its aesthetic.  With its jazz-influenced pop soundtrack and Baz Luhrman-like colour pallet, there’s no denying how visually appealing the film is, but it becomes strikingly evident that it’s all for show when Cameron’s script fails to deliver anything other than predictable melodrama.... Continue Reading

Australian Box Office Report: Justice League round out a very strong top 3 in cinema

Superheroes are likely to hang around the top 10 ladder at the box office, with the newest franchise from the DC Universe, Justice League, opening at no. 1 this week.  In its opening weekend, it made a superhuman $8.08m, and earned a screen average of $11,095.  Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are joined by Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg, and are definitely giving the Marvel universe a run for their money (right now). ... Continue Reading

Tech Review: Nikon D850 is the Powerhouse of D-SLRs

The first thing I thought when I took the D850 out of the box was ‘HA! Take that Nikon, I’m a girl and I’m testing your man-camera!’ When I mentioned it to another female camera reviewer she told me she thought she could see why they’d only featured male ambassadors; her tiny hands couldn’t reach all the controls comfortably, and she found it heavy. I didn’t personally find this to be a problem, despite having pretty small hands too – but I am a longtime Nikon user and my usual kit consists of both a D800 and D700 body, so that could be why this next generation camera felt so at-home in my hands. It weighs in at just over 1kg, battery included; only around 10g less than the D800; I could reach the front function buttons without issue. Continue reading Tech Review: Nikon D850 is the Powerhouse of D-SLRs

Here are your Xbox Games With Gold titles for December

Xbox have announced the titles that will be coming to their Games With Gold program for the month of December and, friends, the haul is pretty good. Crank up the Back to the Future theme because where we’re going, we don’t need roads. Continue reading Here are your Xbox Games With Gold titles for December

Games Review: L.A. Noire (Xbox One X, Switch, 2017): Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke

Rather than run two entirely separate reviews for L.A. Noire‘s brand new, remastered edition, we thought we’d combine them into a single piece and discuss the merits of each version in turn. The two we’ve chosen to review are the Nintendo Switch version of the game, and the Xbox One X Enhanced version. Continue reading Games Review: L.A. Noire (Xbox One X, Switch, 2017): Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke

Did Netflix just release their first Oscar winning feature film with Mudbound?

Over recent years, we have seen a wide range of films tackle racism across a number of genres, from 12 Years a Slave to The Birth of a Nation, I Am Not Your Negro to Get Out, among many others. While all gained some level of critical acclaim, the former two films came under criticism due to the severity of the violence, which took some of the audience out of the film.... Continue Reading

Film Review: Daddy’s Home 2 (USA, 2017) is an unnecessary sequel constricted by its family-friendly mentality

Who ever would’ve thought the day would come that Mel Gibson would be re-established enough to earn himself a prime role in a family-aimed comedy?  Whilst the controversial figure has been steadily working over the least few years, either headlining under-seen projects (Get The Gringo, Blood Father) or co-starring in ensemble pieces (Expendables 3, Machete Kills), it was his critically acclaimed turn behind the camera with last year’s Hacksaw Ridge that has seemingly voided his pariah status in the industry.... Continue Reading

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