Video Games Review: Farpoint (2017, PSVR) isn’t PSVR’s killer app, but represents a significant step forward

PSVR currently finds itself at a crossroads. Prior to launch, it seemed like Sony had everything they needed to absolutely crush their competition in the VR space — it had a price point that couldn’t be beat, an army of third-party developer talent curated over decades and a PS4 install base that is the envy of other hardware manufacturers. Six months down the road, however, and no must-play, killer app has materialised. That was, at least, until Farpoint appeared on the horizon. Sony’s marketing painted a rosy picture, insisting to anyone who would listen that this was it — PSVR’s killer app was coming. Unsurprisingly, that isn’t quite true. Continue reading Video Games Review: Farpoint (2017, PSVR) isn’t PSVR’s killer app, but represents a significant step forward

Video Games Preview: The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Feels Like A Worthy Next Chapter

Last week, I was given the opportunity to journey into the newest expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online, and explore the island of Vvardenfell, the gorgeous Vivec City and the surrounding mountains. For those who follow The Iris on Twitter or Instagram, you may be aware of the beautiful trip a number of Australian games journalists including myself were taken on to experience the Morrowind expansion. For several days, we experienced the beauty of Ooralba Estate in Kangaroo Valley, transformed as it was into the wilds of Tamriel, and undertook a range of themed activities like archery, forging and lockpicking – all essential to surviving in the world of The Elder Scrolls Online.... Continue Reading

Video Game Review: RiME (PS4, 2017) is a Minimalist Dream

RiME is a game that plays it’s cards close to it’s chest. Waking on a mostly deserted island, the games protagonist is seemingly lost, and must find his way through the island, conquering puzzles as he travels. RiME is largely guided by its mystery, as players seek to discover the secrets of the boy, the dangers of the island, and what lies beyond the next puzzle. Continue reading Video Game Review: RiME (PS4, 2017) is a Minimalist Dream

Seventeen things we learned about director Oliver Stone in his Vivid Ideas appearance

Helping kick off the first weekend of Vivid Ideas today was one of the biggest names to ever grace the event – iconic director Oliver Stone, who spoke with Margaret Pomeranz in front of a sold out crowd at Sydney’s City Recital Hall as part of the event’s “Game-Changers” series that also includes Shepard Farey on June 17th and Jonah Peretti, who spoke in the same venue earlier in the afternoon. ... Continue Reading

Bong Joon-ho’s OKJA mildly NSFW trailer looks like the mutant super-pig film you never knew you wanted

Who would have thought that one of the most anticipated movies of the year would be a film about a mutant super-pig? Well, this is thanks to the critically acclaimed Korean director, Bong Joon-ho, whose previous films have been critical successes all over the world.... Continue Reading

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