So, who is the killer in HBO’s The Night Of? Let’s look at the suspects…

With the season finale of The Night Of just days away, we still have no idea who did the deed – a mystery that has been beautifully unraveling over the past seven weeks. The seventh, which will air in Australia on Sunday, leaves us with more questions than answers ahead of the 8th and final episode. If you haven’t seen this episode yet, wait until you have before you read through this article – this article does contain spoilers for Episode 7 “Ordinary Death”.... Continue Reading

Breaking down Season 2 of Better Call Saul with Rhea Seehorn and Peter Gould

These days especially, it’s rare to find a prequel to anything – be it a film, TV show, movie, comic or game – that lives up to its legacy. However, AMC’s follow-up to the critically acclaimed Breaking Bad might be that rare exception. Better Call Saul is more than just a spin-off to ... Continue Reading

ABC’s Blue Water Empire to bring Torres Strait History to the small screen

Blue Water Empire, a three-part dramatised documentary series for the ABC, has commenced filming. The show, which provides a unique insight into the history and culture of the Torres Strait Islands, will show pre-colonisation life through the pervasive impact of European arrival.... Continue Reading

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