First Impressions: Sacha Baron Cohen gets boldly political on Who Is America?

Ultimate troll Sacha Baron Cohen is back in form for his new show Who Is America?, screening for Australians exclusively from today on Stan, and this time he’s splitting his time between four characters. You’ve got the right-wing blogger for a fictitious website dubbed “”; a cis-gendered liberal who is so open-minded he watches his wife have sex with sea mammals; an ex-con turned abstract artist who uses bodily fluids to create his works; and an Islamophobic ex-Mossad agent dripping in machismo and unwavering gun advocacy. It’s messy and unbalanced, but Bacon Cohen’s penchant for stripping away niceties and exposing the idiocy of his guests, through often extreme levels of satire, is still very much in tact.... Continue Reading

Games Review: Octopath Traveler (Switch, 2018): Looking back, moving forward

I have a rule when it comes to playing games for review: Remain objective, even when the game is in a genre you aren’t crazy about. Last week, I broke that rule. I had assumed I would detest Octopath Traveler. I had resigned myself to reviewing yet another JRPG, despite my long and well-documented history of not enjoying the genre one bit. I expected to hate it, so the fact that I love it as much as I do has come as a bit of a surprise. A loving homage to Square’s legendary Super Nintendo RPG’s, Octopath Traveler will remind you of everything you loved about that era, and everything you didn’t. Continue reading Games Review: Octopath Traveler (Switch, 2018): Looking back, moving forward

Interview: Rachael Blake & Vince Colosimo digest The Second, Stan’s debut Australian feature film

This month, Stan and Screen Queensland celebrate the release of a milestone production – The SecondAs the first feature film project developed for the streaming service, The Second is a shining example of not only an Australian film in its best, unfiltered form, but it’s also a cracking ride.... Continue Reading

Blu-Ray Review: Game Night (USA, 2018) brings the laughs from start to finish

Whether it’s an old-fashioned detective story (Murder on the Orient Express), a children’s adventure (Young Sherlock Holmes), a romantic farce (Blind Detective) or a flat-out comedy (Clue), the murder mystery is the type of genre staple that can result in lots of fun, particularly if it involves audience participation. If 2018’s latest comedy Game Night can live up to those examples, we’ll be in for a treat.... Continue Reading

Tech Review: Logitech G Powerplay Wireless Charging System: Free to play

There is a pervasive assumption among PC gaming hobbyists that wireless accessories like mice are going to be a problem. That corded solutions are always the way to go. For a long time, this rather conventional wisdom was correct, but its getting harder and harder for it to stand up under scrutiny. Devices like Logitech’s Powerplay Wireless Charging mat are a great example of how wireless tech is meeting its cabled counterparts in utility and accuracy. Continue reading Tech Review: Logitech G Powerplay Wireless Charging System: Free to play

Tech Review: HyperX Cloud Stinger Core: Great sound on a budget

The HyperX Cloud Stinger Core shouldn’t sound as good as it does. This is a $70 AUD pair of headphones. You expect certain things from $70 headphones. You expect them to be cheap. You expect them to be made from hard, unyeilding plastic that keeps them from being worn comfortably for long periods. You certainly don’t expect them to sound good. But they do. Continue reading Tech Review: HyperX Cloud Stinger Core: Great sound on a budget

Film Review: Skyscraper (USA, 2018) delivers lunacy and ridiculous physic-defying stunts in spades

Is there anything Dwayne Johnson can’t overcome? Earthquakes, tsunamis, oversized gorillas, Vin Diesel’s ego…the hulking man mountain has tackled them all and emerged victorious.  For his latest spat with big screen-worthy roadblocks, the man no longer credited with his “Rock” moniker faces his biggest challenge yet – a skyscraper some three-times taller than the Statue of Liberty that’s been overtaken by a group of throwaway terrorists hellbent on burning it to the ground.... Continue Reading

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