2TB Xbox One S available now Australia-wide

For those who have been waiting to clear out a bit of space in their overstuffed home theatres, Microsoft have come to the rescue. The Xbox One S, Microsoft’s smaller, leaner Xbox One console is available today across the nation.

As we’ve discussed previously on the site, the Xbox One S sports a few significant features over its predecessor —  4K resolution for one, internal power supply for another. There’s also an IR Blaster which allow for greater controller connectivity. It’s important to note that the model released today is the 2TB version, so if you don’t need all that hard drive space, you should probably hold off on purchasing for a hot second. Microsoft says they’ve got a 1TB and 500GB model on the way. Those models will start at AU$399 and will launch bundled with either Madden NFL or a double pack of Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Halo 5: Guardians.

The Xbox One S will set you back AU$549 for the 2TB model and is available through all major electronics retailers.

David Smith

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