A new web series looks at the strange and supernatural terrors lurking in the suburbs of Sydney

Girt by Fear, a six-part web series about “the strange and supernatural terrors lurking in the suburbs of Sydney”, launched online yesterday, just in time for Halloween.

The horror-comedy series follows a group of twenty-somethings as they make their way to a Halloween party. Each episode plays on a different horror trope or references classic films, as our protagonists confront their darkest fears.

Described as “Round the Twist for adults”, Girt for Fear is an unconventional look at youth culture and encapsulates what genre film-making is all about.

Shot over a year around Sydney and the result of a collaboration between five up-and-coming filmmakers, Girt by Fear was crowdfunded to ensure the resulting content was fresh and unique. Tony Martin (Wildside, Candy), Travis Jeffrey (Pirates of the Carribean, Unbroken), Jerome Meyer (Joe Cinque’s Consolation), George Zhao (The Family Law) and Millie Samuels (Alex and Eve) are among the cast.

You can catch the web series now at girtbyfear.com.au.