A super limited edition Dark Souls Vinyl Trilogy is coming

The Dark Souls series is no stranger to tense, difficult and utterly frustrating gaming moments. The tense feeling of Dark Souls returns in an extremely limited vinyl trilogy release.

The exclusive numbered collection is strictly limited to 2000 copies, gathered in a 9-vinyl collector’s box set.  Motoi Sakaraba and Yuku Kitamura compose Dark Souls’ orchestral themes in such a way that will be sure to transport you back to your deepest and most terrifying Dark Souls memories.

Complete with Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2 and Dark Souls 3 original soundtracks, the vinyl collection is guaranteed to give a premium quality of sound in a way that only a vinyl record can.

With only 2000 copies available, getting your hands on one may be as hard as Dark Souls has ever been. The collection will be available on the new Bandai Namco Entertainment store in Q3 of 2017.