ABC fast-tracks second season of the popular You Can’t Ask That to air in 2017

Due to outstanding success, ABC has announced that production is currently underway for a follow-up season for the popular series, You Can’t Ask That. 

The show, which is one of ABC iview’s most successful series, aims to give an unmediated platform to Australia’s marginalised people by offering genuine insight into their lives. Delivered through broadcast and social media, each twenty-minute episode asks misjudged and marginalised members of the community questions that Australians have always wanted to know.

The compelling first season has received global recognition, giving a platform to Indigenous Australians, sex workers, wheelchair users and the short-statured, to dispel widely believed myths. 

The second season of You Can’t Ask That is expected to make its way to ABC TV and iview in 2017. With two more episodes left to air, the first season is available on Wednesday nights at 9.10pm, on ABC TV 2017.