AMC release trailer for the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead Season 6

We now have our first look at episode 9 of The Walking Dead, which will air when the show releases the second half of season 6 from February 2016. Warning: spoilers for the first half of Season six follow.

With Alexandria now absolutely overwhelmed and overrun by walkers, Rick and his group are as close to danger as they have ever been, literally walking amongst the undead with the burden of having a traumitised (thanks Carol!) kid yell out for his mother when what he really should be doing is STFU’ing. Undoubtedly we’ll get to see the fallout from that come February, but the trailer also hints at a few more dire situations, like Glenn showing up to rescue his wife and baby and possibly biting off more than he can chew, indicated by a very distraught, very loud Maggie. The glimpse of an upset Maggie doesn’t bode well for Glenn, but then again, the writers have been very fond of teasing his death this season.