American Sniper beats out Saving Private Ryan to become U.S.A’s top grossing war film of all time


Steven Spielberg’s 1998 epic Saving Private Ryan will now have to settle for being the number two grossing war movie of all time as the currently released American Sniper continues to break through records as it steamrolls to the top of that long list. That’s right, American Sniper is now the top grossing war movie of all time.

Clint Eastwood’s Iraq war drama has made around $217.1 million dollars in the U.S, while Saving Private Ryan in all it’s brilliance stands at $216.5 million. As it stands right now, American Sniper is looking to top the U.S Box Office for the third week in a row when figures are released.

The controversial Bradley Cooper led biopic might be raking in another record soon enough as it looks to be edging out The Passion of the Christ to become the top grossing R-Rated movie of all time. It’s going to have to rise above $370 million for that to happen though.

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American Sniper is currently playing in cinemas nationwide