Aussie web series Altruman wins big at International awards



Altruman, the warm-hearted tale of an everyday superhero who begins to question his entire life after learning that he has cancer, has left an indelible mark at various web festivals this year.

The brain-child of Robin Geradts-Gill, Hannah Moon and Stephen Sholl was featured at the Miami, Seattle, Rome and Buenes Aries Web Fests as well as the Hollyweb Festival.

Most notably though was its numerous nominations at the ‘Indie Series Awards’ in L.A. These awards celebrate ‘independently produced, scripted entertainment created for the web’ and ‘emphasise artistic merit and social impact’ over view-count and commercial impact. Altruman was nominated for ‘best soundtrack’ and ‘best director’ and managed to nab ‘best lead actor’ for Ben Mcewing’s brilliant showing of the titular character.

Originally premiering on ABC iView in September last year, the web series has been praised for its beautiful balance between raw emotion and genuine wit.

You can view Altruman its entirety at