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Film Review: Jurassic World (M, USA, 2015)

It’s been 22 years since Jurassic Park, and long have us fans of that very first film waited for a sequel that was worthy and lo we finally have it in Jurassic World. We can now safely relegate those other two films into extinction and rest assured that this is now an honourable contender for a follow up.
I don’t think it’s possible or fair to think that Jurassic World could outshine its predecessor. So many aspects of that film were brilliant, even ahead of its time; not to mention the timing of its release was perfect. In an era when science still had some mystery to it, the debate ran real and red hot surrounding the ethics. Fast forward to now and we are less in awe of the magic of science, we’ve mapped the human genome in its entirety, we’ve conquered cloning and now we move into stem cell research and genetic modification. Herein lies Jurassic World’s take, it shares some similarities with the first, but it also manages to be a reflection of where we are at now and in doing so feels current. ... Continue Reading

Sydney Film Festival Review: Mr Holmes (UK/USA, 2015)

Mysteries and detective stories have long been popular in literature, arts, films, with the story of Sherlock Holmes long enduring time and remake after reboot after re-imagining. In Mr Holmes we take a look at the world’s greatest detective in his twilight years long since retired but still troubled by one unsolved case.... Continue Reading