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SXSW Film Review: Flesh and Blood (USA, 2017) is a harrowing look into the life of a fractured man and his family

It’s hard not to feel a large sense of relief after reaching the end of Mark Webber‘s latest directorial piece that is Flesh and Blood. Not because the film was a tough watch (which in a way, it is), but rather because you are given the chance to leave the cinema and return to what is hopefully, a life far less difficult and fractured than that of Mark Webber’s on-screen portrayal.... Continue Reading

First Impressions: The Exorcist (USA, 2016) is a worthy successor to its classic horror counterpart

It’s not hard to imagine what was most likely going through the minds of the studio executives at 20th Century Fox when they finally went ahead and gave the green-light for a television series based off arguably the greatest horror film of all time. It actually comes off as a bit of a surprise as to why it wasn’t done sooner, considering the recent (but more importantly) successful television adaptions of horror classics such as Scream, The Evil Dead, and Psycho. So it goes without saying that it was really only a matter of time before William Friedkin’s horror masterpiece was followed up by a venture onto the small screen. The question that begs to be asked though is of course, is The Exorcist worthy of the title it holds?... Continue Reading