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Interview: Australian Documentary Star David Elliot-Jones on trying out Insta-Fame for his film Big In Japan

Directed by Lachlan McLeod and edited by Louis Dai, Big in Japan tells the story of David Elliot-Jones, a bigger than average Joe. Or was that just an average Joe? David isn’t anyone special, like you and I, he dreams of having his work seen, being heard, being noticed… but if it doesn’t happen, we shrug and get back to working retail or flipping burgers for a living. At least, that’s what I do.... Continue Reading

Video Games Review: OKAMI HD (PS4, Xbox One, 2017) Don’t Brush This Adventure Aside!

Some games are like a fine wine, they age so well. Especially when the original game is already a great one! The longer they’ve been out, the more widespread the fan base grows, the greater the overall feeling of nostalgia envelopes you when you finally return to it after so many long years (look at Jak and Daxter). Some games age beautifully, some do not (Skyrim?), and then there’s those titles that fall neatly in the middle, Okami HD rests on these shoulders. For the most part, it’s pure brilliance and utterly addictive and others, well you can mostly fine tune them out, but after all these years, shouldn’t these have been fixed?... Continue Reading

Games Review: Hello Neighbor (Xbox One, 2017): Goodbye player

Dynamic Pixels Stealth Survival Horror is a pretty hefty banner to place on their title of Hello Neighbor, especially after recently trying to drift through games such as Outlast 2 and even the beautifully well made Little Nightmares. Hello Neighbor comes about as close to horror as your nanna’s dirty unwashed knickers: it’s creepy, cringe worthy, and leaves a smell you just want to stay clear of. Continue reading Games Review: Hello Neighbor (Xbox One, 2017): Goodbye player

No Activity receives its US remake; so is it any good?

When streaming service Stan launched in Australia in 2015, one of the first great originals we received was the all Australian comedy No Activity, written and directed by Trent O’Donnell (New Girl, Brooklyn Nine-Nine). It was a bloody good selling point for the then, limited content streaming service… well, that and the Wolf Creek TV Series! As with anything great, the mighty U.S of A needs a good old fashion remake of their own right?... Continue Reading

Games Review: Star Wars Battlefront 2 (Xbox One X, 2017): Tempted, but not quite giving in to the Dark Side

Star Wars Battlefront II, a game mired in launch window controversy. Is it as terrible as the screaming denizens of the internet would have you believe or is it all being blown out of proportion? For our Battlefront II review, we thought we’d split it into two discrete components — the single player campaign, reviewed by our own David Hunter and the multiplayer, reviewed by our games editor David Smith. Continue reading Games Review: Star Wars Battlefront 2 (Xbox One X, 2017): Tempted, but not quite giving in to the Dark Side

Supanova Interview: Will Friedle on life after Boy Meets World and bringing the animated Star-Lord and Bumblebee to life

Will Friedle has endured and enjoyed the TV & Animated industry for over 20 years now, voicing hundreds of animated characters in a ton of popular shows such as being Star-Lord in the brand-new Disney and Marvel’s Guardians of The Galaxy animated series and Bumblebee in Transformers Robots in Disguise animated series. The list goes on and on, including Batman Beyond, Spiderman and Deadpool.... Continue Reading

Supanova Interview: Star Wars Puppeteer Brian Herring talks bringing BB-8 to life & The Han Solo Film!

With Star Wars: The Last Jedi on the verge of release, on the verge of madness and on the verge of probably breaking even more box office records, I got to speak to Brian Herring, famous Puppeteer who helped bring the lovable and adorable BB-8 to life on screen for the first time in Star Wars The Force Awakens.... Continue Reading

Games Review: Life is Strange: Before The Storm Ep 2: A Brave New World (PS4, 2017)

Here we are again, the second chapter in the increasingly amazing  Life is Strange: Before the Storm. Episode 2: A Brave New World opens not long after Rachel Amber decided it would be cool to start a fire in the local forest of Arcadia after losing her shit. As the huge storm slowly approached Arcadia in the original Life is Strange, this fire seems to be using the same approach, lending a looming and mysterious threat to the proceedings. Sure, it was an accident caused by the raw emotion of a teenager losing her grip on everything she held dear, but damn, what a way to end that first episode. Where to from there? Continue reading Games Review: Life is Strange: Before The Storm Ep 2: A Brave New World (PS4, 2017)

Games Review: Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 (Switch, 2017) is one of the Switch’s better ports

Another day, another port for Nintendo Switch, but that’s ok, we were all worried we wouldn’t be getting what Nintendo promised us, a more mainstream console with third-party support. We got it, and here’s another solid example of their new ethos — Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2! Continue reading Games Review: Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 (Switch, 2017) is one of the Switch’s better ports

Oz Comic-Con Interview: Mass Effect’s Mark Meer talks Improv, epic Cos-Playing skills and Shepherd’s favourite things

There are times in our lives we look back on certain things and reminisce, how much we would love to go back and do it all again, for me, other than visiting the (U.S.A and the U.K) that was the Mass Effect Trilogy and playing as the stubborn, stern, but lovable Commander Shepherd. If you’re like me and chose to play Shepherd as a male and not female (Jennifer Hale), you would have spent a very long time listening to the amazing voice work of Mark Meer!... Continue Reading