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Video Games Review: The Tomorrow Children (PS4, 2016)

It gets me giddy with excitement when developers like Q-Games steps outside the norm to try something original. The Tomorrow Children is so far from their usual fan-fare of PixelJunk titles you would think they have a pretty damn good reason to try and bring something original to their line-up. On the concept itself, they have achieved that goal. In execution however, not so much. Continue reading Video Games Review: The Tomorrow Children (PS4, 2016)

Review: BBC First’s Brief Encounters is some seriously addictive TV (Season 1, Episode 1)

The 80’s was such a fascinating time in history. I don’t think there are many shows set in the 80’s that I don’t end up loving or at least find myself mildly interested in. Video cameras the size of a small dog, TVs that produced great picture and sound as long as you gave them a heavy whack and adjusted the antenna. It was a time when new technologies were introduced (see: computers) and everyone just smiled and thought it was a passing phase. This was also a time of uncertainty, women taking charge and sexual revolution.... Continue Reading

Queer Screen Film Fest Review: The First Girl I Loved (USA, 2016)

The First Girl I Loved – set to screen as part of the Queer Screen Film Fest in Sydney – follow seventeen year old Anna (Dylan Gelula from Netflix’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt), a young, smart yet quiet photographic student.  Anna notices Sasha, played by Brianna Hildebrand (Deadpool), playing sport and instantly Anna, who until now thought she was into boys, begins to have strong feelings towards this girl she barely knows.... Continue Reading

Film Review: Sully (M15+) (USA, 2016) is an energetic rush for its genre

Tom Hanks, what can we say about Tom Hanks? Quite frankly, it’s hard to say anything bad at all. Despite the rare lacklustre movie, this man just cannot seem to steer anything in the wrong direction. And Sully, out now in Australian cinemas, proves no different, with the venerable actor steering both a movie and its plane to a safe landing.... Continue Reading

Video Games Review: Attack On Titan: Wings of Freedom (PS4, 2016)

Quite often we get stuck with inferior video game adaptations of TV shows and movies. It’s a rarity for any of them to accurately reflect the source material without ruining it in some form or another. Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom, is a true testament of what can be done with a team that is passionate about the source material, even if it could have benefited from some more time in development and a little more variety. Continue reading Video Games Review: Attack On Titan: Wings of Freedom (PS4, 2016)

So, who is the killer in HBO’s The Night Of? Let’s look at the suspects…

With the season finale of The Night Of just days away, we still have no idea who did the deed – a mystery that has been beautifully unraveling over the past seven weeks. The seventh, which will air in Australia on Sunday, leaves us with more questions than answers ahead of the 8th and final episode. If you haven’t seen this episode yet, wait until you have before you read through this article – this article does contain spoilers for Episode 7 “Ordinary Death”.... Continue Reading