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Actors Kellan Lutz, Teagan Croft and Director Shane Abbess talk about their new sci-fi film The Osiris Child: Science Fiction Volume One

A gripping new sci-fi film is about to hit our screens thanks to the genius work of director and screenwriter Shane AbbessThe Osiris Child: Science Fiction Volume One follows the emotional struggles and warfare of a world in peril. With a strong Aussie cast shining through and Hollywood superstar Kellan Lutz in a leading role, there are plenty of reasons to get to the movies this week. I had a chat to Abbess, Lutz and newcomer Teagan Croft ahead of the film’s release this week.... Continue Reading

Chelsey Crisp offers a fresh perspective of “being in the biz”; talks In-Lawfully Yours & Fresh Off The Boat

After years of striving to reach her dream, Chelsey Crisp has finally found herself in a really good place – as the lead of the new movie In-Lawfully Yours while starring in ABC’s Fresh Off The Boat. This actress has been through it all and paved the way for a longstanding career. Crisp’s insider perspective into LA and the industry are really thought provoking and sure to have you inspired to work as hard as ever to make it. She is so much more than meets the eye; a woman of integrity, intelligence and class.... Continue Reading

Captain America: Civil War directors spill new details on their “personal approach” to the new MCU Spider-Man

In an interview with, directors and brothers Anthony and Joe Russo spoke about their upcoming Marvel Comics film Captain America: Civil War and how their Spider-Man, played by Tom Holland, will be different to previous portrayals from Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield.... Continue Reading