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Film Review: Maze Runner: The Death Cure (USA, 2018) delivers a satisfying conclusion to the franchise

While the Maze Runner franchise has been far from original, each film has delivered a healthy dose of fun and been crafted quite impressively. Gratefully, Wes Ball’s Maze Runner: The Death Cure, the final instalment in the series, continues that trend and offers fans a deserving farewell. It does so in the fact that it’s entirely familiar and also predictable, how it zips, generates deep peril, and has innumerable captivating set pieces and seamlessly placed action beats that keep you thoroughly engaged. While the audience will most probably require at least some background knowledge of the series to get really caught up in proceedings, The Death Cure is sure to keep you hooked.... Continue Reading

A complete shot-by-shot breakdown of the Star Wars The Last Jedi D23 Behind-The-Scenes Reel

At Disney’s D23 Expo over the weekend, Lucasfilm unveiled a behind-the-scenes reel for this year’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The Last Jedi is the 8th “Episode” in the Star Wars franchise and is directed Rian Johnson (Looper, Brick). The behind-the-scenes video delivered a greater insight to how powerful Star Wars is on and off screen, showing off not only action form the film, but also the actor’s raw chemistry off screen.... Continue Reading

Netflix Review: The third season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt season is fun, hilarious and surprisingly deep

It doesn’t take very long for the third season of Netflix’s Original Series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt to remind its audience why it’s such a powerful and unexpected treasure. In 2015, the show first hit Netflix and was praised by critics and general audiences for its humour and overall freshness from the generic television show.... Continue Reading

Who is David Thewlis’ character seen in the final trailer for Wonder Woman?

Note: This article contains minor spoilers

The brand new trailer for the highly anticipated origin film Wonder Woman (a long overdue stab at the character), gave audiences a brief look at David Thewlis‘ character, Sir Patrick, an alias for the God of War Ares. Ares is one of the most prominent villains in Wonder Woman’s comic book arsenal and crucial to her origins. Continue reading Who is David Thewlis’ character seen in the final trailer for Wonder Woman?

The final Wonder Woman trailer is spectacularly hopeful

At the MTV Movie and TV awards last night, Warner Bros. released the final trailer for Wonder Woman.  The film is the fourth installment in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) and tells the origin of the Amazonian princess turned heroine taking place approximately a hundred years before the events of 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice. ... Continue Reading

Film Review: The Zookeeper’s Wife (USA, 2017) is a beautifully told true story

The Zookeeper’s Wife follows the real events of the owners’ of the Warsaw Zoo in Poland from 1939 until 1946. It centres on their moral struggle of not being a mere bystander of the ghettos and executions during the Holocaust. It’s a film that has the rare potential to educate  its audience with a fascinating story, without it feeling overly dramatised. The facts of the film appear to remain intact, while also giving a voice to the often unspoken Polish perspective of the Second World War.... Continue Reading

The Dark Tower finally gets its first trailer three months out from release

Since the project was officially announced in 2015, fans have been clamouring for the trailer for Sony’s adaptation of the incredibly successful Stephen King novel The Dark Tower. With release being set back multiple times over the past year, Sony has settled with an August 17 release date and now the wait for the trailer is finally over.... Continue Reading