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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Director J. A. Bayona talks about working with the dinosaurs and his plans to surprise as first trailer drops

On Friday, after a couple of 15 second teasers sent tails wagging all over the internet, the first full length trailer dropped for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. After feasting our eyes on it for the first time, we had the chance to catch up with the film’s director, J. A. Bayona, to talk about lending his take to the iconic franchise, working with animatronic Dinosaurs and what he hopes we will experience when we see the film.... Continue Reading

Avengers: Infinity War drops its anticipated first trailer

The third instalment in the Avengers film series, Infinity War, will be hitting Australian cinemas at the end of April, and today we get our first taste of the film. This will be the first time a number of iconic Marvel characters will be a part of an Avengers film, including The Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man (new suit and all!) and Doctor Strange. Black Panther will also be a part of the ever expanding ensemble, with his film arriving in February.... Continue Reading

Aussies to the rescue: The Spierig Brothers on revitalising the Saw franchise with Jigsaw

The latest instalment in the Saw franchise hits cinemas today – Jigsaw – which is being helmed by the Aussies who brought us the incredible Predestination (among others), The Spierig Brothers. The film currently sits with the best reviews since the original, which of course was directed by another Aussie, James Wan.... Continue Reading

Film Review: Thor: Ragnarok (USA, 2017) may be the best entry into the MCU yet

Thor: Ragnarok hits Australian cinemas tomorrow, and by now you’ve heard that this Marvel series’ third instalment lives up to expectations. Helmed by the great Kiwi director Taika Waititi, who assembled a cast of returning favourites and a few excellent additions from his own repertoire, Thor: Ragnarok takes the Marvel Cinematic Universe to new heights, delivering what may be the most entertaining, funny and well balanced entry yet. So you can tell this review isn’t going to differ much from what you’ve heard already. But I do want to delve into a few key reasons why this film succeeds above some stiff competition.... Continue Reading

Interview: Thor: Ragnarok Producer Brad Winderbaum on Matt Damon, Devo, Taika Waititi, Jeff Goldblum and the Gold Coast

While in Australia last week for the premiere of the latest entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we sat down with Thor: Ragnarok producer Brad Winderbaum to talk about filming on the Gold Coast, working with New Zealand director Taika Waititi and Mark Mothersbaugh from Devo, bringing in Matt Damon and Jeff Goldblum – and we ask the all important question: If we don’t get a Thor 4, can we at least get a Grandmaster spin-off?... Continue Reading

Richard Lowenstein to appear at 30th Anniversary Screening of Australian Made at AMW Film Festival

The first annual Australian Music Week Film Festival got bigger this week with the announcement that legendary Australian Director Richard Lowenstein will be taking part in a Q&A following a special 30th Anniversary Screening of the classic Aussie Rock Documentary Australian Made, which will be closing the festival on Friday November 3rd at Cronulla’s GU Film House cinemas.... Continue Reading

Will anything in Hollywood actually change after Harvey Weinstein?

Over the last two weeks, since The New Yorker published a damning article exposing Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein as a sexual deviant (which puts it mildly), the fairly swift response from the entertainment community has been nothing short of overwhelming. Even surprising. Though certainly deserved. But if this is really endemic of a larger issue, as many claim (including the great Jane Fonda), then will the revelations of Weinstein’s indiscretions lead to any actual change in the film industry?... Continue Reading

Games Review: South Park: The Fractured But Whole (PS4, 2017) is a hilariously addictive RPG adventure

When you first jump into South Park: The Fractured But Whole, you pick up from where the last game, The Stick of Truth, and the last episode of the TV series (Season 21, Episode 4 “Franchise Prequel”), leave off. The boys have stopped playing a Lord of the Rings style quest and are now building their own “Marvel Cinematic Universe”, playing Superheroes and Villians as the Coon (Cartman), Professor Chaos (Butters), Mysterion (Kenny) and more enter their world of make believe, only to unravel some sort of criminal underworld as things get really, really out of hand. Because this is South Park, and that’s just what ten-year-olds do. Continue reading Games Review: South Park: The Fractured But Whole (PS4, 2017) is a hilariously addictive RPG adventure

What’s new in Joss Whedon’s Firefly 15th anniversary blu-ray set?

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 15 years since Joss Whedon’s now classic, short running TV series Firefly hit the airwaves. Possibly because so many of us discovered it years later. But with just 14 episodes and a movie (2005’s Serenity), the Firefly universe didn’t expand as much as fans might have liked – a fandom that has only grown with time – however a new home release may give them something to get excited about.... Continue Reading