Author: Meredith McLean

TV Review: Broad City, Season 3 (USA, 2016)

May 2, 2016

Broad City has, like many good shows. survived the three-season landmark. Many shows seem to leak creative juices until that Season 3 where characters get stale, plotlines become gimmicks and guest stars come in with no real map of where to go in the show. Broad City has thankfully not been one of those shows. ... Continue Reading

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SXSW Film Review: Ghostland (Germany, 2015)

March 14, 2016

Ghostland isn’t your average documentary. It echoes the story of The God’s Must Be Crazy in both a whimsical and crushing way. Ju / ‘Hoansi Bushmen are a tribe in Namibia. After hunting laws came into place their way of life was changed. Without the ability to hunt they had to survive off bushland berries and twigs as well as meagre money donations from tourists to buy processed goods. ... Continue Reading

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First Impressions: House of Cards Season 4 (USA, 2016)

March 5, 2016

The latest season of House of Cards was launched on Netflix on Friday. It’s been a long, cold year waiting for this season so if you need a quick recap read on. If not, skip ahead to the next paragraph. ... Continue Reading

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TV Review: Broad City Season 3 Episode 1, “In Heat” (USA 201)

February 13, 2016

Abbi and Ilana are back in the newest season of sometimes surreal, always on point TV series Broad City. And it’s just been confirmed by Comedy Central they’re green lighted for Season 4 and 5 as well. (Yass Gaga!) If the sneak peak of the first episode is anything to go by fans are in for more adventures into the terrifyingly mundane. The new season is scheduled for release February 17th. ... Continue Reading

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TV Review: DAFUQ? (Australia, 2016) coming to a laptop near you February 15th

February 12, 2016

Perhaps one of ABC’s cheekiest web series yet will be launched on iView next week. In a time of Abbotts and Turnbulls squabbling for that prized coffee mug that says World’s Best Prime Minister and in most circumstances failing, and a time of turmoil and unrest all over the globe a show like DAFUQ? can either be 100% accurate or a disaster. This tongue in cheek poke at the ever-growing trend of citizen journalism, and sometimes just plain lazy journalism, couldn’t be better timed for a launch.... Continue Reading

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DVD Review: Broad City – The Complete First Season (USA, 2015)

December 16, 2015

To celebrate the shiny, sparkly, glittery special DVD release of Broad City Season 1 we decided to revisit the dynamic duo known as Abbi and Ilana. From their interesting methods of transporting drugs to trying to deal your taxes, this show deals with what every 20-something is truly thinking. ... Continue Reading

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DVD Review: Infinitely Polar Bear (MA15+, USA, 2015)

September 22, 2015

Infinitely Polar Bear was both written and directed by Maya Forbes. She seems to have a talent for speaking through children. Her track record of childhood perception is both entertaining and frustrating. Frustrating because sometimes it’s too right and sometimes it’s too simple.... Continue Reading

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Exclusive Interview: Carl Barron talks about his role in Manny Lewis – out now on DVD!

July 15, 2015

This week the AU had a chat with household name, Carl Barron. The Aussie king of comedy came to us with some different news this time. He’s promoting his first feature film, co-written and directed by Anthony Mir. Released this year, Manny Lewis is a film about an Aussie comic (sound familiar?) who struggles with life on the road and finding love, until he meets an unusual woman played by Leeanna Walsman. Carl told us a little more about who Manny is, what we can expect in the film and how no one really knows what normal is these days.... Continue Reading

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