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SXSW Film Review: The Most Hated Woman in America (USA, 2017) is Netflix at its best

There’s no doubt about it, Netflix are on a path to global domination. With a slew of well received original TV programming to their name already, the streaming giant have now turned their attention to taking on the film industry and the Hollywood studio system. The exceptional biopic The Most Hated Woman in America is their latest attempt to fight this traditional film model, and if it is anything to go by, I would say they have already won the war.... Continue Reading

Sydney Film Festival Review: Goldstone (Australia, 2016)

Goldstone was easily my most anticipated film of this year’s Sydney Film Festival, and it’s fair to say it did not disappoint. Written, directed, edited and pretty much everything else by Ivan Sen, it is sure to join the pantheon of great Aussie films – a triumph from start to finish.... Continue Reading

Sydney Film Festival Review: Teenage Kicks (Australia, 2016)

Craig Boreham’s beautifully filmed coming of age tale Teenage Kicks is a film that leaves you thinking long after the final credits have rolled. Writing this review two days after the film had its world premiere at the Sydney Film Festival I find myself still grappling with its expert exploration of cultural and sexual identities in contemporary society. The fact it was created on a shoestring budget only makes it all the more impressive. ... Continue Reading

Sydney Film Festival Review: Goat (USA, 2016)

I’ve got to get one thing out of the way before I can get on with the rest of this review – who would have thought that Nick Jonas was such a good actor. I mean seriously, I’ve heard nothing of this guy since his Disney starring, purity ring wearing days but he completely knocks it out of the park here as a Frat bro becoming increasingly disenchanted by the hazing loving ways of his fellow college buddies. Okay, now let’s move on.... Continue Reading