Author: Sosefina Fuamoli

Interview: Rachael Blake & Vince Colosimo digest The Second, Stan’s debut Australian feature film

July 12, 2018

This month, Stan and Screen Queensland celebrate the release of a milestone production – The SecondAs the first feature film project developed for the streaming service, The Second is a shining example of not only an Australian film in its best, unfiltered form, but it’s also a cracking ride.... Continue Reading

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Watch some of the Arctic Monkeys’ favourite films at an exclusive mini-film fest this week

May 9, 2018

The long awaited new Arctic Monkeys album, Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino, is just DAYS from release and while we wait for this one to drop, the band’s team have continued to ensure that the hype is well and truly conjured. For fans in New York, Sydney, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo and of course, the boys’ very own Sheffield in the UK, a run of Arctic Monkeys pop up stores have been established.... Continue Reading

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SXSW Interview: Timur Bekmambetov and Shazad Latif on new techno-thriller Profile

March 29, 2018

During our time at SXSW Film Festival this year, we got to sit with director Timur Bekmambetov and actor Shazad Latif to chat about their new film, Profile. Adapted from Anna Erelle‘s In the Skin of a Jihadist, the film looks at the complex online relationship that develops between an “undercover” reporter and a jihadist, shot entirely through the reporters computer (and social media accounts, e-mail and Skype).... Continue Reading

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SXSW Interview: Ethan Hawke on directing Blaze Foley’s story in Blaze

March 22, 2018

Ethan Hawke‘s film about iconic country blues singer/songwriter Blaze Foley has been praised by critics since its premiere at Sundance in January, and last week it was Austin’s turn, with Blaze screening at SXSW. At that event, held in the city where Blaze lived for much of his life, we caught up with the Hawke to find out more about what drew him to this unique character and story.... Continue Reading

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TV Review: Black Mirror‘s fourth season marks a plateau point for a groundbreaking original

December 25, 2017

As it has done well over its past three seasons, Black Mirror has surprised me. However this year, the surprise hasn’t come in the form of a deadly plot twist halfway through the narrative’s third act, or a realisation that comes in the form of sad ending.... Continue Reading

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Interview: Aileen Beale on the response to ABC’s Easybeats mini-series Friday on My Mind

December 3, 2017

Tonight will see the second part of the ABC mini-series Friday on My Mind air on TV. Following the first part airing last week, we caught up with actress Aileen Beale, who plays George Young’s mother in the series, to talk about it and the show’s reception.... Continue Reading

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Interview: Filmmaker Genevieve Clay-Smith on Optus’ Connect5 competition

September 19, 2017

Thanks to Optus, aspiring filmmakers have the opportunity to showcase their talents on a massive stage and stand to win upward of USD $30,000 with the Connect5 competition. With the submissions deadline of October 1st edging ever closer, the Connect5 competition has already seen many short films pour in that are definitely worthy of being celebrated and acknowledged in such a way.... Continue Reading

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Calling all filmmakers: Optus opens entries for Connect5 short film competition

August 7, 2017

Optus has launched a new initiative to support local Australian filmmakers with the Connect5 short film competition! If you have a penchant for working behind the camera and bringing your creative ideas to film, vlog, or animation, $10,000 cash and a trip to Singapore is up for grabs.... Continue Reading

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Chris Hemsworth to make exclusive Supanova appearance in Sydney this month

June 6, 2017

Supanova has really upped its game for June, with Sydney fans set to be treated to a special date with a God himself.... Continue Reading

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Interview: The Chaser’s Craig Reucassel goes to war on Australia’s waste in new ABC documentary series

May 4, 2017

How often do you think about the food leftovers you might throw out after dinner?... Continue Reading

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