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New featurette teases the real life story behind The Conjuring 2

New Line Cinema has released a new featurette ahead of the release of its upcoming supernatural thriller The Conjuring 2 called “Strange Happenings in Enfield”. The featurette explores the real story behind the movie which is released in Australian cinemas on 9th June. In the video, the real family who sought help from paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren for their strange encounters in their north London home shares the details of their haunting experience and how they felt about it.... Continue Reading

Taika Waititi & Julian Dennison to visit the Chauvel Cinema for special Hunt for the Wilderpeople screening and Q&A

Taika Waititi recently broke the New Zealand box office record for the highest-grossing film of all time with his new movie Hunt for the Wilderpeople which he wrote, directed and starred in. The previous box office record was set by another movie by him called Boy and you might recognise his other hits such as Eagle vs. Shark and What We Do in the Shadows.... Continue Reading

SXSW Interview: Director Scott Rosenbaum and Producer Jasin Cadic talk about Blues documentary Sidemen: A Long Road to Glory

Many independent music documentaries seek to uncover some of the most important moments or threads in music history, making them essential for just about anyone interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the legacy, the complexities, the behind-the-scenes struggles, and the beauty of music, both as a vessel of expression and as a lifelong passion for artists around the world; Sidemen: Long Road to Glory is such a movie, and you can tell just from the way Director Scott Rosenbaum and Producer Jasin Cadic talk about the film in this interview, which The Iris recently conducted at the current film component of SXSW 2016.... Continue Reading