BREAKING: Nintendo confirms new NX console will ship in March 2017, Zelda Wii U delayed

Nintendo of Japan have officially confirmed that their next console, codenamed “NX” is slated to ship in March 2017. The news was quickly followed by the announcement that the forthcoming Legend of Zelda game for Wii U has also been delayed into 2017.

Nintendo made the announcements via Twitter, both of which can be viewed below:

Loosely translated they say, “Completely new concept game machine NX to be released by the end of March 2017,” and “Zelda Wii U, planned for 2016, has been delayed in order to improve quality. Wii U and NX versions will release together.”

The news that Zelda Wii U is coming to the NX mirrors the release of Twilight Princess on the Gamecube and original Wii consoles.

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