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South Australian theatre production School Dance to be adapted into a feature film

After the international success of its first feature film Girl Asleep, Windmill Theatre Co., the award-winning South Australian theatre company, has announced today the launch of Windmill Pictures, a new arm of the company dedicated to developing and creating screen projects from their range of live theatre projects.... Continue Reading

Gamescom 2017: Overwatch‘s latest map Junkertown finally brings the game to Straya

Blizzard’s Gamescom 2017 briefing was full of details for upcoming content, but among the most entertaining announcements was that the developer’s popular team shooter Overwatch would finally be getting a fully-fledged, Australian-themed map. Continue reading Gamescom 2017: Overwatch‘s latest map Junkertown finally brings the game to Straya

Interview: Matt Okine and Harriet Dyer open up on The Other Guy and onscreen diversity

The Other Guy is a new series that looks at life ten years after the ‘happily ever after’ we usually see portrayed in rom-coms. It examines the complexities and awkwardness of returning to the dating scene, of having to find new watering holes, avoiding the people who make you feel awful and generally just trying to move on with your life after a horrible break-up.... Continue Reading

Melbourne International Film Festival Review: Jungle (Australia, 2017) tells of Yossi Ghinsberg’s Intense and Dramatic Journey

Ever since his resounding success with the Harry Potter franchise Daniel Radcliffe has continued to push the boundaries of his acting career with fantastic and varied performances in both Swiss Army Man and Imperium. Now Radcliffe has completed one of his most physically demanding roles yet portraying Yossi Ghinsberg, an Israeli adventurer who became stranded alone in the Bolivian Amazon for 3 weeks back in 1981. Directed by Greg McLean (Wolf Creek), the survival thriller follows Yossi Ghinsberg along with his two friends Kevin (Alex Russell) and Marcus (Joel Jackson) who go on a once in a lifetime trek through the uncharted Amazon led by Karl Ruprechter (Thomas Kretschmann), a self-proclaimed expert of the area. But they soon realise they are no match for this uncharted wilderness as it begins to physically and mentally break them down.... Continue Reading

Ioan Gruffudd crime series Harrow begins production in Brisbane

Announced recently by the ABC, crime series Harrow which will be led by Amazing Grace actor Ioan Gruffudd has commenced filming in South East Queensland. And as the production rolls out on the ten-part series, details regarding the extended cast and the production schedule have surfaced. Promising a gritty and dramatic program imbued by endless talent.... Continue Reading