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Film Review: Split (USA, 2017) is a stunning return to form for M. Night Shyamalan

There is plenty of real world evidence to suggest that, to a degree, our thoughts and feelings can in some way re-wire our brain. Neuroplasticity is a relatively young field, but an infinitely fascinating one nonetheless; discoveries are being made everyday, many on how our brain evolves for better or for worse and how we help that evolution along. It’s this idea that sits at the core of M. Night Shyamalan’s Split, the latest offering from the divisive thriller auteur and quite honesty, the best in a very long time. ... Continue Reading

Tapanui: How a small New Zealand town became the heart and soul of Disney’s Pete’s Dragon

“Edge of the Forest”: an apt description of quiet West Otago township Tapanui, the words located underneath it’s welcome signage. On first look, this forestry town on New Zealand’s south island, a few hours east of Queenstown, is no more than a quick stop-off on a road trip through the region’s stunning scenery, which includes the lush Blue Mountains and tranquil Pomahaka River. ... Continue Reading

Australian Box Office Report: Singing animals top this week’s box office charts

When 2016 ended, the world, and everyone in galaxies far far away, knew for bloody sure that Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was going to blitz the box office.  However, with the release of Christmas and holiday entertainment, this has now slipped down the ladder, making way, this week, for the Matthew McConaughey and Reese Witherspoon animated film, Sing, which made $3.37m at the box office this week.  ... Continue Reading

La La Land becomes the most awarded film in Golden Globes history

The 74th Annual Golden Globes was held in Los Angeles today, with Jimmy Fallon hosting the awards for the first time. The event, which is voted on by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, has the unique distinction of celebrating both Film and Television, as well as breaking apart many nominees into “Drama” and “Musical/Comedy” categories.... Continue Reading

Film Review: Natalie Portman delivers a searing, Oscar-worthy performance in Jackie (USA, 2016)

Jacqueline Kennedy (Onassis) has been depicted on the silver and small screens before but Jackie is the first film to really capture the complex nature of this remarkable woman. The film is not strictly a biopic in that it only focuses on a number of key events in Kennedy’s life prior to and in the aftermath of her husband’s assassination in 1963. But what this drama does do well is hone in on these important points to create an intense and visceral film that really gets at the heart and nature of this tragedy.... Continue Reading

Film Review: Collateral Beauty (USA, 2016) wastes a phenomenal cast

With Christmas time comes awards season, and every so often a film comes along that attempts to tackle both markets – deliver a heartfelt drama set around the holidays that will bring people into the cinema after they’ve finished exchanging gifts; while voters cast the film on their award season ballot. Such a forced ploy rarely works and it won’t surprise you that this year’s attempt, Collateral Beauty, is no different.... Continue Reading

The Uncharted movie is moving forward, screenwriter calls script a “beast”

The frequently-delayed movie adaptation of the popular PlayStation adventure series Uncharted is apparently underway once more. The film now has a script which could see the project begin shooting during spring in the US. Continue reading The Uncharted movie is moving forward, screenwriter calls script a “beast”

Film Review: Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds is the humble closing chapter to an enigmatic entertainment family

During the parting moments of 2016, a year already marked by the deaths of so many luminaries and childhood favourites, actress Carrie Fisher suffered a cardiac arrest during a transatlantic flight, causing her death four days later on the 27th of December. Her mother, actress and performer Debbie Reynolds, passed the very next day, reportedly leaving with a final wish to join her daughter.... Continue Reading