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Film Review: I Am Not Your Negro (USA/France, 2016) is a powerful and evocative look at the Civil Rights Movement

America has long been a country divided, afflicted by the separation between white and black men and it still continues to this day. I Am Not Your Negro is a unique documentary that is an analysis of the civil rights movements of the 50’s and 60’s right through to the current Black Lives Matter movement. But also an insight into the very personal dealings of African American essayist, playwright and social critic James Baldwin with his friends and civil rights leaders Medgar Evers, Malcolm X and Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. ... Continue Reading

Film Review: mother! (USA, 2017) will test even the most stern of viewers

Where does one even begin to describe the demented deliciousness that is mother!?  Despite the film’s rather studio-heavy calibre of talent on board, Darren Aronofsky‘s latest cinematic insanity is anything but an audience-friendly affair.  The mysterious marketing campaign has wound up viewer interest (and rightfully so), and I would wager many will be entering theatres under the falsest of pretences, but that is all part of mother!‘s twisted plan – to lure you in, only to strike you down when you least expect it.... Continue Reading

Australian Box Office Report: Fear and fright win the week as IT floats over the competition

After some pretty dismal weeks in earnings at the box office, cinemas nationwide are welcoming this week’s no. 1 film, the remake of Stephen King’s classic novel (and reason why so many kids in the 80s hated clowns), It.  Opening on  548 screens nationally, it made a phenomenal $7.46m in its opening weekend, and was the biggest opening weekend ever for a horror movie.  In comparison, Annabelle: Creation was no. 1 for 2 weeks in August, and has, to date, made $7.06m.  ... Continue Reading

Film Review: Victoria & Abdul (UK, 2017) proves that it’s lonely at the top, even with a firm friend

Dame Judi Dench has played Queen Victoria before in Mrs Brown, which showed the grieving monarch’s relationship with John Brown. In Victoria & Abdul Dench reprises her previous role and plays the Queen when the latter is a tad older and wiser. It also focuses on the monarch’s unlikely friendship with an Indian servant. The result is an uneven film in terms of tone but it’s also one that is a warm and rather feel-good story.... Continue Reading

Film Review: Patti Cake$ (USA, 2017) constantly subverts our expectations

Patti Cake$ is the kind of movie that could have gone horribly wrong. The story of an overweight, white (trash) suburban girl gunning for glory in the hip-hop scene isn’t the most accessible story, nor is it culturally appropriate. Thanks to the wit of writer/director/composer Geremy Jasper though, Patti Cake$ disarms any of these potential hot buttons by addressing them with a sense of casual frankness; “Why don’t you act your age?” Patti (Australian find Danielle Macdonald), real name Patricia Dombrowski, asks her lush of a mother, Barb (Bridget Everett). “Why don’t you act your race?” is Barb’s snappy retort.... Continue Reading