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Douglas Adams’ unfinished Tom Baker era Doctor Who to be released in Australian cinemas

Australian Doctor Who fans can let out a sigh of relief, as they will finally be able to experience Doctor Who: Shada on the big screen, as BBC Worldwide ANZ and Sharmill Films have recently announced that a limited theatrical run of the completed and restored Doctor Who story that combines both original live-action footage and hand-drawn animation. Tom Baker will also return as the Fourth Doctor, as the voice behind his animated counterpart.... Continue Reading

Cotillard and Pitt’s World War II thriller Allied gets a new trailer

Paramount Pictures has released the first full length trailer for their upcoming World War II film Allied. The thriller stars Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard as undercover operatives who meet each other on the North African front during a deadly mission behind enemy lines. To cut a long story short, many explosions and gunfights ensue.... Continue Reading

Australian release date announced for Jesse O’Brien’s Sci-Fi thriller Arrowhead reports that Arrowhead, the sci-fi thriller described as “an interstellar Jekyll & Hyde”, has been picked up by StudioCanal for a release in Australia and New Zealand on June 9th. The film follows Kye, a prisoner of war who becomes stranded on a desert moon after a crash landing.... Continue Reading