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Xbox Announces Forza Partnership With V8 Supercars Australia

Xbox has announced a partnership with V8 Supercars Australia to bring 10 cars from the current V8 Supercar series into the upcoming Forza Motorsport 6 game with 2015 liveries. The newest game in the Forza franchise launches in September, and is exclusive to Xbox One. The game has a range of new features, such as night and physically-based wet weather racing alongside more interactive cars than ever.... Continue Reading

Warner Bros. Releases TV Commercial for Upcoming Mad Max Game

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has released a TV spot showcasing the chaotic, action-packed open-world game, Mad Max, based on the film franchise of the same name. The game is set in the savage post-apocalyptic Wasteland where cars are the key to survival. Players take on the role of Mad Max, a lone warrior and reluctant hero, who must embark on a journey to build the ultimate war vehicle and leave the madness behind. You can pre-order Mad Max from participating Australian retailers to receive The Ripper, a fully upgradable Magnum Opus car body. Check out the trailer below:... Continue Reading

Video Games Review: Madden NFL 16 (PS4, 2015)

With American football rapidly gaining popularity in Australia due to the rise of online streaming services (and a longheld belief that we were missing out on something due to all the American media we consume), the Madden series of games is becoming less and less of a curiosity here. With Madden 16, EA is playing hard to the fantasy football crowd as well as those after a realistic football sim. But can they win over a nation that’s only just now catching football fever? Continue reading Video Games Review: Madden NFL 16 (PS4, 2015)

Video Games Review: Until Dawn (PS4, 2015)

With the exception of some of Telltale’s back catalogue, the “interactive movie” style of game has never really been my cup of tea. I didn’t like Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls barely made a dent. Thus, I went into my review of Supermassive Games’ Until Dawn with no small amount of skepticism. Despite my preconceptions, or perhaps because of them, I found Until Dawn to be an extremely pleasant surprise. Continue reading Video Games Review: Until Dawn (PS4, 2015)

Video Games Review: Gears of War: Ultimate Edition (Xbox One, 2015)

It’s been nearly ten years since Epic Games unleashed the original Gears of War upon the world. Since then, we’ve seen three more titles set in the same universe, a series of surprisingly good novels by Karen Traviss and a passing of the torch as series development went from Epic to The Coalition. With their current-gen remaster, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition is The Coalition’s first real moment in the spotlight. Will they perform or will they falter and get stagefright?

Continue reading Video Games Review: Gears of War: Ultimate Edition (Xbox One, 2015)