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Video Games Review: Lego Dimensions (Xbox One, 2015)

TT Games’ franchise of Lego video games has become a powerhouse since its experimental beginnings in Lego Star Wars back in 2005, but despite the many sequels across many different properties, not a huge amount has changed mechanically since then. Lego Dimensions feels like TT Games’ vehement answer to that criticism. “Fine, you want different? How’s this for different?!” Continue reading Video Games Review: Lego Dimensions (Xbox One, 2015)

The five games we’re most excited to play at the EB Games Expo this weekend!

The EB Games Expo is happening in Sydney this long weekend, offering gamers of all ages the chance to get their hands on the newest and greatest games from around the world, before they’re released to the public. From October 2nd to the 4th, over 15,000 square meters of gaming entertainment will be at the fingertips of everyone who grabs a ticket to the event – which will be held out at Sydney Olympic Park – and in addition to gaming will feature rides, appearances from the likes of The Umbilical Brothers, a laser skirmish and more!... Continue Reading

Video Games Review: Disney Infinity 3.0 (PS4, 2015)

There was a moment not five minutes into Disney Infinity 3.0 that made me wonder if the developers had been reading my dream journal. The moment in question was a wonderful sequence that featured the Millennium Falcon in a Star Fox-esque on-rails shooter through an asteroid belt. That’s a game I didn’t even know I wanted until that precise moment and it set the tone for everything that followed.
Continue reading Video Games Review: Disney Infinity 3.0 (PS4, 2015)