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The Elder Scrolls Online‘s New Wolfhunter DLC Lets The Dogs Out

July 20, 2018

The world of The Elder Scrolls Online continues to expand with its latest DLC chapter, Wolfhunter, which contains two brand new werewolf-themed dungeons: March of the Sacrifices and Moon Hunter Keep.

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Game Review: Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy (Switch, 2018) spins its way onto all Major Platforms.

July 10, 2018

I had the pleasure of diving back into the way back machine with the old overgrown, orange marsupial last week with Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy on the Nintendo Switch. Crash, despite a few niggling flaws, it still holds up magnificently after 22 years thanks to its wonderful remaster of the very first 3 games in […]

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Games Review: Paladins: Champions of the Realm (PC, 2018): Something borrowed, something new

July 4, 2018

There is a trend in modern AAA game design of pinching the best ideas from other games and building on them to create something new. Hi-Rez Studios is a developer that has built a successful portfolio by doing exactly this. They are very good at looking at successful multiplayer games, distilling their most enjoyable components […]

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Games Review: Unravel 2(Xbox One, 2018): A Common Thread

July 3, 2018

Unravel 2 is the sort of game that strengthens interpersonal bonds.  It’s a wonderful team building exercise, a game cut from the same warm emotional mould as its predecessor but with a rather different point to make.

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Games Review: Jurassic World Evolution (Xbox One, 2018): “We’re going to make a fortune with this place.”

June 18, 2018

Jurassic World Evolution is far, far harder than it needs to be. It’s really surprising how difficult the game is at times. Your guests’ wants are often bizarre, the learning curve is a cliff face and the dinosaurs are predictably unsympathetic to your desire to make a buck. I’ll spend hours getting everything in my […]

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Game Bants: The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset (PC, 2018): The adventure continues

June 5, 2018

Game Bants is something new we’re trying here on The Iris, a pair of perspectives on the same topic, a conversation and a less formal review style. Our first crack at this style is a chat between games writer Leah Williams and games editor David Smith about the ancticipated MMO expansion, The Elder Scrolls Online: […]

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Games Review: Vampyr (PC, 2018) Will Make A Vamp Outta You

June 5, 2018

Vampyr feels like a game that I’ve been waiting nearly 15 years for. Somehow, despite the wild 2008 boom of vampire fiction that followed Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight franchise, video game vampires have often been given the short end of the stick. While there are certain shining examples, from the grim western Darkwatch: Curse of the […]

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Games Review: Sega Mega Drive Classics (Xbox One, 2018): Old school cool

June 1, 2018

I have bloviated at length on this website about my upbringing as a Sega kid. While the SNES dominated the market, those of us who chose the Sega life knew we had a machine with true gems among its library. The arcade-centric counterpart to the SNES’ far broader appeal, the Mega Drive did its own […]

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Games Review: World of Tanks 1.0 (PC, 2018): Here comes the boom

May 21, 2018

There are certain games that fall into a category I like to call “My Dad Would Love This.” Games in this category typically revolve around war or military history, maintain some degree of simulation and are full to bursting with digital recreations of real world military hardware. Now, after eight years of ongoing development, World […]

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Games Review: Middle-earth: Shadow of War – The Desolation of Mordor (Xbox One, 2018)

May 18, 2018

Shadow of War‘s latest expansion, The Desolation of Mordor cuts right to the chase. “Baranor is mortal and carries no Ring of Power. If he does, his story is over. Be careful.” Tackling Shadow of War without Talion’s impressive array of Celebrimbor-backed super powers is an interesting spin on the game’s existing format, pivoting into […]

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