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Tech Review: Canon’s EOS M100: Not Just for Lazy Hipsters

When I first took the EOS M100 out of the box, I was dubious. I saw a top switch with only three auto settings and no manual exposure options apparent, and I thought “what’s the point of a camera compatible with Canon’s full range of mirrorless lenses, but no manual exposure controls? Who would invest almost $900 in what’s essentially a fancy point-and-shoot camera – lazy hipsters?!” But once I took a look through the manual, and the more I used it, the more it surprised me – the M100 ticks all the boxes for both the keen enthusiast who wants a light and convenient kit to carry, and the happy snapper who wants amazing photos without necessarily having to learn how to “work” a camera. This is actually the perfect camera for your mum.

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Tech Review: Cygnett 20,000mAh USB-C Power Bank: You’re gonna carry that weight

As someone who travels quite a bit for work and is always hunting for a power point to keep my various juice-hungry devices alive, power banks have long been a part of my work/life survival kit Must Haves. The thing is, most power banks are good for keeping my phone afloat and that’s about it. What about those hours stranded in an airport due to delays, when all the power points are gone, the laptop battery is dwindling and I still have three stories to file before bed? Cygnett has an answer. It may not be precisely the answer you’re looking for but it is an answer. Continue reading Tech Review: Cygnett 20,000mAh USB-C Power Bank: You’re gonna carry that weight

Tech Review: The Sony α9 Really Does Feel Like the Future

“The future is now yours.” The Sony Alpha 9’s slogan sounds so esoteric and science fictional, but with 20fps continuous blackout free shooting, 693-point AF coverage and full frame mirrorless sensor, the Sony a9 definitely sounds like the future to me. With so many professionals in my industry – weddings – jumping ship to Sony lately, I now understand what all the hype is all about – and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t tempted to follow suit.... Continue Reading

Tech Review: Nikon D850 is the Powerhouse of D-SLRs

The first thing I thought when I took the D850 out of the box was ‘HA! Take that Nikon, I’m a girl and I’m testing your man-camera!’ When I mentioned it to another female camera reviewer she told me she thought she could see why they’d only featured male ambassadors; her tiny hands couldn’t reach all the controls comfortably, and she found it heavy. I didn’t personally find this to be a problem, despite having pretty small hands too – but I am a longtime Nikon user and my usual kit consists of both a D800 and D700 body, so that could be why this next generation camera felt so at-home in my hands. It weighs in at just over 1kg, battery included; only around 10g less than the D800; I could reach the front function buttons without issue. Continue reading Tech Review: Nikon D850 is the Powerhouse of D-SLRs

Tech Review: Hasbro’s Dropmix is Automatic, Supersonic, Hypnotic, Funky Fresh

To say that I am in no way musically inclined and yet still managed to pull off some wicked beats with Hasbro’s Dropmix system is testament to its great and highly accessible design. While I went in to our preview expecting to be shamed for my lack of musical talent, I went out with a sense that maybe, just maybe there was hope for my future career as a disc jockey. Continue reading Tech Review: Hasbro’s Dropmix is Automatic, Supersonic, Hypnotic, Funky Fresh

B&O Play launch the Beoplay M3 in Australia; include future support for AirPlay 2

Known for premium audio products, B&O Play – a sub-brand of luxury tech company Bang & Olufsen – have been scoring all kinds of goals with their bluetooth speaker range. That looks to continue with the recent introduction of their most compact speaker to date, the Beoplay M3, a device carefully designed by award-winning Cecilie Menz and finely tuned by Bang & Olufsen’s world-class acoustic engineers.... Continue Reading

Tech Review: Sonos One is the most promising smart speaker out there

The official next step for speaker technology is upon us, ushered in with the advent of voice assistants like Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Assistant, Apple’s Siri, Samsung’s Bixby and Window’s Cortana. We can now command our speakers to play music and give out all sorts of information thanks to robotic helpers ready and willing to serve, living inside these Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA) Speakers, positioned as an appealing access point to the ever-growing interest in smart home technology. We knew Sonos was going to get into the game sooner or later, and with the recently released Sonos One, the celebrated consumer electronics company have done so in a very big, very clever way. ... Continue Reading

Games Review: Xbox One X (2017): Raw power, same mistakes

Boy, Don Mattrick really fucked Xbox, didn’t he? It’s been five years since Microsoft’s now-infamous E3 2013 presentation, the unveiling of an All-in-One corporate fantasy wildly out of step with what its audience actually wanted and expected. Microsoft have been trying to course correct ever since. So dominated have they been by the runaway success of the competing PlayStation 4 that Xbox stopped reporting sales numbers entirely over a year ago, only beginning again when pre-orders for the Xbox One X went big.

To that end, the Xbox One X has been positioned as something of a saviour. A powerhouse console built to cater to the hardcore gamer and herald of a new age of ultra high definition content. To read between the lines of Microsoft’s breathless marketing for the machine, it feels a bit like this is the make-or-break moment for the Xbox One as a brand and as a hardware family. They really seem to want to convey that they have a lot riding on this machine. The questions that leap to mind then are: Can the Xbox One be saved this late in the game? And, could the Xbox One X save them if it had to? Continue reading Games Review: Xbox One X (2017): Raw power, same mistakes