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Tech Feature: Seeing the Light with Rocco Ancora and Nikon School

“Lighting can be the difference between a good shot and a great one.” It’s a simple statement, uttered by Australian wedding and portraiture great and Nikon Ambassador Rocco Ancora mid-lecture, but so true – and he would know. The 4-time AIPP Australian Wedding photographer of the year is such a master of light that he has his own Nikon flash kit by that name – the “Master of Light” flash kit – so to spend a day learning about light from this master was not an opportunity I was willing to pass up. Continue reading Tech Feature: Seeing the Light with Rocco Ancora and Nikon School

Why Elon Musk really wants to go to Mars, and nine other things we learned at his SXSW Q&A

Announced last night, not long after his surprise appearance at the Westworld panel, the hero of the tech world, the man responsible for Tesla and SpaceX and his own voice on South Park (a rare claim to fame if there ever was one), Elon Musk packed the ACL Moody Theatre at SXSW today for a special Q&A, “Elon Musk Answers Your Questions”.... Continue Reading

Canon Announce 3 New Cameras and a Seriously Nifty Flash

After all the talk of Canon’s innovation (or lack thereof) over the past year, this afternoon they’re bringing us news of four new pieces of tech – two of which have me convinced they’ve been working hard to stay on top of the game. With one new mirrorless body, the EOS M50; two new entry-level D-SLRs, the EOS 3000D and EOS 1500D; and a brand new flash unit, the Speedlite 470EX-AI. You probably wouldn’t believe me if I told you the flash is what has me most excited … but it’s true. Just you wait. Continue reading Canon Announce 3 New Cameras and a Seriously Nifty Flash

Ten things discovered while playing the Xbox One X

The Xbox One X has been met with a bit of bemusement by Australian gaming hobbyists so far. First we couldn’t pre-order the machine but could instead go on a waitlist. Then it was announced that the unit was cost Aussie punters a whopping $649.95 AUD. Then pre-orders for the machine finally opened but the amount of available units was extremely limited and they sold out quickly. The question, however, remains: what the hell is the Xbox One X and what will it do for me that my launch model won’t?
Continue reading Ten things discovered while playing the Xbox One X

What is Australia’s Future in the Games Development Industry?

Earlier this month, I attended Xbox Academy’s games design workshop. The workshop, part of an initiative from the Sydney Microsoft Store to foster up-and-coming Australian games development talent, teaches students the basics of the industry, fundamentals of game dev and tips for getting a foot in the door. The class was led by Jennifer Scheurle, a multi-talented games designer working alongside AIE, one of the best educators for game development in Australia. Throughout the three-hour course, we explored a range of techniques for developing and creating game ideas, ultimately leading to each of us pitching our games to the whole group, of which there were about 15 people. What struck me most was the enthusiasm of the younger kids taking part in the workshop, who had clear passion for the industry and their future in games design. Their excitement had me thinking – what future are we leaving for budding games designs, and are we doing enough for the industry?... Continue Reading

Review: With the PLAYBASE, Sonos prove that by staying a step behind, you can end up two steps in front

Sonos have never seen themselves as leaders in “doing things first”, rather, as the kings of “doing things right”. They seem to live by an adage of the past: the idea that a company can exist on key products – not a slate of “let’s see what sticks and what fails” merchandise – that are built to last, not fail within three years.... Continue Reading

That time we made a music video using nothing but an iPhone 6S Plus and its slow-motion features

Back in December, for the music video competition Captured Australia, one of the participating film makers dropped out rather last minute. I was the man behind the competition, and the artist he was paired with – WA musician Gryff – was one of my favourite entrants. I really wanted to see him stay a part of the project. So, I had an idea – why not work together and do a video anyway, listing Gryff himself (real name Wade Mustoe) as the Director and myself as the cinematographer. And though we had some decent camera equipment on hand – why don’t we do it all on the new iPhone?... Continue Reading

Once you upgrade to the iPhone 6s Plus, can you go back to the smaller model?

Relatively speaking, I used the iPhone 4s (still Apple’s highest selling model and one they continued to produce until September 2014) for a long, long time; getting my hands on the product on its release in October 2011, and keeping it going until the latest 6s models were released some four years later. Along the way I skipped three generations of the iPhone series, and watched as those around me enjoyed the latest features and superior battery life and power.... Continue Reading