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Sonos reveal first voice-enabled speaker: Sonos One

Although numerous rumours these past few months haven’t exactly allowed Sonos the element of surprise here, the famed electronics company best known for their high quality speakers have now officially announced that their newest product will be a smart speaker with support for multiple voice-activated services. Dubbed Sonos One the device, which launches around the world later this month, will be completely voice-controlled and capable of supporting multiple voice assistant services to perform audio functions like playing music, listening to podcasts and audio books, and others. Yep, that means competing services like Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri (through support for Apple’s Airplay 2), and Amazon’s Alexa will work on this thing – although the latter, Alexa, comes built-in with the speaker and will be the only voice service supported by the device until the others come on board in 2018.... Continue Reading

Turtle Beach’s new Stealth series headsets actually pretty easy to find in the wild

Gaming peripheral manufacturer Turtle Beach launched a new series of wireless headsets this week. The Stealth 600 and Stealth 700 are bit of a funny combo, aiming to please those who value style and cord cutting ease of use and the high-end customer looking for excellent positional sound. Continue reading Turtle Beach’s new Stealth series headsets actually pretty easy to find in the wild

Australian Box Office Report: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 leaves Fate of the Furious behind

It’s no surprise that the highly anticipated Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 performed so well.  The first film, which opened in 2014, became the 6th best grossing film of its year.  The sequel took in $8.61m in this week, but advance screenings went way back to the Anzac Day opening last week, so its actual total earnings are $15.68m.  This number, naturally, is expected to climb, and the Marvel film will be a stayer in the top 3 for weeks to come.... Continue Reading

Go big or go home: Microsoft reveals Project Scorpio’s insane tech specs

Microsoft’s Xbox division have never been ones to shy away from a good boast. When they claimed last year that their forthcoming console, codenamed Project Scorpio, would be the most powerful ever made, it was all too easy for us in the gaming press to arch a skeptical eyebrow. We’re happy to admit when we were wrong however. In an exclusive with EuroGamer’s Digital Foundry, Microsoft have revealed the scope of Scorpio’s capabilities and, holy crap, they aren’t playing around. Continue reading Go big or go home: Microsoft reveals Project Scorpio’s insane tech specs

Ford unveils its virtual reality future at the Future with Ford Innovation Forum

Last week Ford held their Future with Ford Innovation Forum where industry leaders and innovators sought to highlight emerging trends and future technologies of drive innovation and next-gen vehicle development. Following that, Ford has announced they are exploring the potential of implementing augmented and virtual reality in their marketing and shopping processes.... Continue Reading