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We go hands on with the Telstra TV streaming media player

Those who want to get the new wave of streaming services onto their televisions have quite a few options these days. But most of them are pretty expensive. If you’re a gamer, you likely already have the capabilities through your Xbox or Playstation. But these are $400+ units. You’re unlikely going to get your hands on one if you’re not a gamer. Apple offer the best product on the Australian market for those who are looking to bring their digital experience onto their TV. But with devices starting from $269, they aren’t cheap – and most average users probably aren’t going to take advantage of the bits and bobs built into the unit that make it the price it is.... Continue Reading

We go hands on with the Foxtel Go app for the holidays

With all the hype around Netflix, Stan and Presto, it’s often easy to forget there are other existing brands in Australia providing fantastic streaming services. SBS On Demand has an incredible array of content – some of which is exclusive to its system (and very hard to find elsewhere) – and ABC iView has been a leader among domestic streaming services for some time now. All the major networks offer something, but of that, SBS and ABC are certainly the most superior.... Continue Reading

Once you upgrade to the iPhone 6s Plus, can you go back to the smaller model?

Relatively speaking, I used the iPhone 4s (still Apple’s highest selling model and one they continued to produce until September 2014) for a long, long time; getting my hands on the product on its release in October 2011, and keeping it going until the latest 6s models were released some four years later. Along the way I skipped three generations of the iPhone series, and watched as those around me enjoyed the latest features and superior battery life and power.... Continue Reading

Tech Interview: Brian Solis talks about his hew book X: The Experience When Business Meets Design and the Digital Future

Brian Solis is a digital analyst who studies disruptive technology and its impact on business at the Altimeter Group and is the author of a new book called X: The Experience When Business Meets Design. He was in Australia this week to speak at the Australian Digital Summit – presented by Telstra – and Larry Heath caught up with him to talk about the book and our digital future… ... Continue Reading

Telstra TV is all yours October 27 (but only if you’re a Telstra customer)

Telstra are getting into the realm of online streaming with Telstra TV, a new gadget that will allow customers of the telco’s home broadband service access a number of different TV and movie streaming services in one place. Continue reading Telstra TV is all yours October 27 (but only if you’re a Telstra customer)

I spent two months travelling the world with the LG G4: So, what’s the verdict?

While everyone else was busy road testing the new iPhone 6S, I spent the last two months travelling the world with the recently released LG G4 phone. I wanted to give the much talked about device a run through on different networks, in different counties and test out the ins and outs through two months of labour. Here are my findings:... Continue Reading