CBS confirms Star Trek: Discovery will feature a female lead.

CBS has announced that Star Trek: Discovery will have a female lead, Variety confirmed. CBS Television Studios, who are producing the latest series, are still in the process of casting the lead role. Variety confirmed that the female lead will “not necessarily be a captain.” Though no one has been official cast in the role, Executive Producer Bryan Fuller is expected to provide further details at the Television Critics Association summer press tour.

Shooting for Star Trek: Discover is set to begin in two months. David Semel, who has directed episodes of American Horror Story and Hannibal, is set to direct the shows premiere. The series is set to premiere in January on CBS networks, with Netflix set to stream the series worldwide within 24 hours, including in Australia.

The critical and commercial success of Star Trek Beyond, and the original series appearing on Netflix has helped revitalised interest and faith in the franchise.

This announcement arrives in the wake of the cast announcement for Ocean’s Eight, a female-led spin-off of the successful Oceans’ franchise. Actors such as Cate Blanchett, Sandra Bullock and Rihanna are set to star in the latest film. With a higher focus on female leads, Hollywood is shaking up the status-quo.

No exact release date for Star Trek: Discovery has been confirmed though fans can expect it in January 2017. As it was recently confirmed, the series will screen in Australia on Netflix.