Donald Glover is writing and producing an animated Deadpool Series

Break out your chimichangas. Now that Deadpool is a household name, it’s only right that he gets his own TV series. FXX has ordered 10 episodes of an adult oriented animated series starring the ‘Merc with a Mouth’. To top it all off, professed comic book fan Donald Glover and his brother Stephen Glover will serve as showrunners, producers and writers for the show, fresh off the set of the critically acclaimed Atlanta.

Debuting in the pages of Marvel comics in 1991 as a mutant and an offshoot of the X-Men, Deadpool existed as an icon and all round favourite primarily to comic book fans. That changed in 2016 when director Tim Miller and Ryan Reynolds (donning the red suit and katanas) made him the talk of the town. The film went on to make $647 million worldwide, becoming one of Fox’s highest grossing movies ever and succeeding in getting a sequel greenlit.

Donald Glover (who has an upcoming role in Spiderman: Homecoming) and his brother are responsible for the award winning Atlanta, and their offbeat senses of humour will be a perfect fit for Deadpool.

This is the second show that Marvel TV and FX will collaborate on, the first being Legion (another X-Men spin-off) which has been renewed for a second season.

The Deadpool animated series is currently set for 2018. A sequel to the hit live action film, meanwhile, will arrive cinemas next year.