E3 2016: First look at Jason Voorhees gameplay from Friday the 13th: The Game

Being able to pilot Jason Voorhees around a virtual Camp Crystal Lake has been a long-held, deeply disturbed desire of mine. It seems Gun Media had the same thought because the trailer they just released for the game is beautiful as though pulled from my own imagination.

The trailer pits recreational murder enthusiast Jason against a troupe of unsuspecting teens, showing the game from both Jason’s perspective and those of his terrified marks.

Honestly, it barely seems fair. Jason appears to be able to see not only in the dark but also through walls, and he can teleport (!!) to surprise his victims. His quarry can do little more than run and hide under the odd bed.

This delightfully one-sided battle arrives on Xbox One, PS4 and Windows PC later this year.


David Smith

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