E3 2016: Rare’s new game Sea of Thieves looks fun, easy to ruin

The last time we saw Sea of Thieves, it was when it was debuted at E3 2015. Today, a year later, we finally got a good look at the game in action — a multiplayer title that sees teams of pirates face off against each other on the high seas and on land.

Craig Duncan from Rare took the audience through the game’s first public airing. Pitched as a real world play experiment in which two teams of people who’d never played the game before were pitted against each other around a small island.

There’s a lot of good looking stuff here. The art style is vintage Rare — cartoony, dripping with character. The gameplay, especially regarding the ships, requires teamwork to succeed. They have to work together to do everything from hoisting sales, calling forward hazards and manning the cannons in combat.

The highlight of the demo reel is when one team finds themselves taking on water. The lower decks of the ship fill and the ship begins to keel, eventually capsising as the players inside struggled to traverse the various flooded hull areas to escape.

Good lord, but it’s going to be easy to mess with other players in this game, isn’t it?

Rare haven’t provided a release date at this stage, but did state that Sea of Thieves would be a part of the new Xbox Play Anywhere program which features cross-play and cross-buy integration between Xbox One and Windows 10.

David Smith

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