E3 2016: Xbox One to receive a wealth of updates over the next few years

The Xbox E3 press brief answered the prayers of a number of fans this year with the addition of long-requested features, including a brand new competition platform called Arena.

Arena will bring an all-in-one tournament service that covers everything from registration to spectating to actual competitive play.

Arena will have support for Smite and World of Tanks right out of the gate and EA Sports will throw its considerable weight behind the new service.

Clubs on Xbox Live provides a new layer of community service, allowing users to connect and bond over their favourite games and interests. Another new feature, Looking For Group, will allow users to pull a party together in no time.

But there’s more. Language region independence lets you pick a native language irrespective of where you live and background music returns, allowing you to curate playlists to run behind your favourite games.

All of these features will be rolled out as part of monthly updates to the Xbox One dashboard.

David Smith

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