E3 2017: Insomniac’s Spider-man blends the best of Batman: Arkham and Uncharted

Insomniac Games closed out tonight’s PlayStation press briefing with a truly bonkers look at their forthcoming game, currently simply titled Spider-man. It takes the pick-your-battles, gadget-heavy approach of the Batman: Arkham games and melds it with the over-the-top action movie rollercoaster of the Uncharted series. What’s more? Goddammit, it looks like they’ve made strange mash up work.

The trailer begins with everyone’s favourite wallcrawler moving stealthily through a building under construction. He uses his agility and webbing to take out guards from a distance before entering into very Arkham-esque hand-to-hand combat. He isn’t brawling though. Unlike earlier Spider-man games, Insomniac seems to understand that Spidey isn’t a brawler. He wears his foes down, defeats them with speed and hard counters.

From there, the clip takes a truly dramatic turn as Peter finds himself racing to stop a helicopter dragging a massive steel drum and a crane toppling into the city streets. The blend of scripted and non-scripted gameplay shown here would make Naughty Dog proud.

Spider-man is due for release in 2018 exclusively on PlayStation 4. We can’t wait.