E3 2018: Avalanche Studios announces Generation Zero

It turns out Rage 2 won’t be the only game that developer Avalanche Studios has to talk about at E3 this year. The developer has announced a new IP all their own called Generation Zero, an open world action title set in their native Sweden.

The game, a guerilla combat title set against a backdrop of a Sweden in the 1980’s under siege by murderous, Horizon-esque robots. The game features solo or co-operative play with up to four players. Check out the trailer, replete with Stranger Things-esque tunes, below.

What’s really interesting about the game is will be Avalanche’s first time self-publishing one of their own titles. While the game is slated for release across all major platforms, Avalanche’s decision to fund the game themselves means they are free to chase down their vision for the game without compromise or bending to publisher targets and demands. The move to self-publish is a surprising one, given Avalanche’s current relationship with Bethesda on Rage 2. Brave new world, indeed.

You can find out more about Generation Zero over on the Xbox Wire blog.

Generation Zero is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC. No release date has been announced at the time of publication.