E3 2018: Rage 2 kicks off the Bethesda E3 showcase

Kicking the Bethesda E3 showcase off with a fast, sugary one-song concert by Andrew WK and a pretty hilarious barb from Bethesda’s Pete Hines over Walmart Canada leaking the game’s existence, Rage 2 dropped a brand new trailer re-explaining the world and its main character, Walker, the last ranger.

The gameplay trailer takes us through the game’s open world and an area called the Eden Space Centre. Overrun by a bandit party called The Goon Squad, Walker needs to get in and shut them down.

He does this without nine hundred explosions. Observe.

No complaints.

The Goon Squad themselves are the colourful punk rock weirdos we saw bouncing around in the game’s announce trailer and they are dispatched in suitably gory fashion.

Walker upgrades himself with Bioshock-esque superpowers, allowing him to wreck even more face.

Rage 2 looks like a party.

No release date as yet beyond a promised Spring 2019 window.