E3 2018: Shadow of the Tomb Raider gets huge new trailers during Square Enix press briefing

After a quick look at gameplay during the Xbox presser yesterday, the Square Enix E3 press brief gave us two more glimpses of the game in action.

The trailer features Lara using her bow and arrow on hapless guards in a jungle environment, sticking to the trees, crafting throwables and issuing lethal takedowns.

The implication of the trailer, from her movements to her actions, is that Lara is better at this than ever despite still being thoroughly outgunned and outnumbered by Trinity.

This certainly feels like a darker, somewhat gritter, certainly muddier take on New Lara, but it still feels well within the rebooted version of the series begun by Crystal Dynamics.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider launches on PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC in October.