E3 2018: The Division 2 gets fresh trailers during Ubisoft’s E3 briefing

In The Division 2, the virus that ravaged the US has mostly blown itself out, but the US remains in disarray. Armed gangs rule the streets and protected enclaves are picky about who they let in. The question has become: can The Division make a difference or are they fighting a losing battle?

Ubisoft debuted a cinematic trailer for the game during their E3 presser that showed off the stage of Washington DC, the plight of its remaining people and the cruelty of the gangs that control it.

Completing the game’s campaign allowsplayers to pick a new specialisation for their class. Become a sniper or heavy weapons user, synergise with teams you group up with, and grow in power beyond the late game.

The game also now features a long-asked-for feature, raids. Big eight-player challenges.

Year one of The Division 2‘s content chain promises three free DLC episodic updates, available to all players.

David Smith

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