Exclusive Interview: Sam Lloyd & Robert Maschio from Scrubs on high fives, penises and Oz Comic Con!


Aside from J.D and Turk on Scrubs, who would be your favourite character? It’s a hard question, as with the medical comedy, there is something to love about each one of the characters who work and operate in some way at Sacred Heart. Two such characters would have to be Ted and The Todd. In Adelaide for Oz Comic Con, the actors behind the delivery of some of the shows more memorable moments, Sam Lloyd and Robert Maschio sit down with me for an interview that was meant to be about the usual things – how they’ve enjoyed Adelaide, their thoughts on the convention, etc. While we got around to covering these topics in some capacity, things did go off on multiple tangents – tangents you’ll have to listen to to truly grasp the gravity of.

That’s what she said.