Exclusive: Reggie Watts shares his impressions on the latest Doctor, Peter Capaldi


Comedian and musician Reggie Watts is a pretty big Doctor Who fan. He even sung a song with Amanda Palmer about the show. So when he was in Australia recently for Just For Laughs, and so as pretty big Doctor Who fans ourselves, we’re thought we’d find out what he thought about the latest Doctor, Peter Capaldi.

What do you think about Capaldi?

I really like him, I was a bit unsure at first but I really like him. He seems like the Doctor. After Tom Baker, that’s the guy that I grew up watching. And then I missed everything else up until Matt Smith. So I really started (the new era of Doctor Who) with Matt Smith. And I loved this. It was cool, fresh and creepy. But then all the Brits were saying that David Tennant was their favourite. So I caught up on Tennant as The Doctor, and he is amazing.

But I did enjoy Smith. I enjoyed the writing and the direction it took. The HD, filmic took it took on. But this new guy is great. And I really love Clara, she is georgous. Hella cute. But she’s just perfect – she really balances things out and is a great actor. She can go into these emotional zones but she’s also got this real crazed look in her eyes which really works and kind of says… I should definitely be doing this.

I will say that some of the editing gets a little frenetic in a weird way. And you’re kind of like, what is the pacing of this show? And there’s some dumb stuff. Like in the episode where the Doctor was the Caretaker and Mr. Pink does a somersault over this killer robot trying to kill everyone *laughs* and distracts him just enough for the Doctor to deactivate him. That was the dumbest shit I’ve ever seen. It was so stupid and unnecessary. So there are some things which remind you that this is kind of a kids show, but other than that, I think (Capaldi) gives a pretty great weight to it. He seems like a classic Doctor Who.

And of course he’s a huge fan, so he’s bringing that to the table as well…

Yeah he feels more like a 1960’s Doctor.

And we’re going from the youngest Doctor to the oldest… which gives us an interesting dynamic, especially with Clara.

Yeah I love that whole thing… you’re so old! Look at these attack eyebrows! I love it. And I like that he’s Scottish too.


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