Fable Legends open beta slips to 2016

Lionhead Studios have announced that Fable Legends‘ open beta has been delayed from a planned holiday 2015 release until some time in Q2 2016.

Lionhead’s reason for the delay is to run the current closed beta a little longer and gather as much feedback from the community as possible before releasing it to the public.

Fable Legends has been running its closed beta since 2014 and will continue as usual for the time being. As an apology for the delay, and a mea culpa to those who haven’t made it into either beta, Lionhead says it will be offering another 100,000 invites to the open beta over the next few weeks.

“To be honest, we didn’t anticipate just how big Fable Legends is becoming,” reads the press statementFable Legends is coming to Xbox One and Windows PC and will free-to-play, combining the RPG mechanics familiar to series veterans with new RTS-flavoured gameplay and a focus on co-op, via crossplay.