Fight to be the Last Man Standing in New WWE SuperCard Event

2K have announced a brand new, limited time event for players of WWE SuperCard. Beginning today, Last Man Standing will be available for all players – a single player event focusing on clearing arenas and advancing through the in-game leader board.

Players will start with new 12-card decks, and begin in a 25-card arena. In order to advance, players must flip over cards to find their opponents, participate in quick round matches and overcome a variety of obstacles



After each match, players are able to cash in their reward points, or aim for a multiplying streaks to build up their leader board rankings.

Achieving a specific leader board rank will earn players special event cards, which reflect the player’s position on the leader board.


Are you ready to be the best of the best?

 Last Man Standing runs from Thursday April 19th until Sunday April 22nd. For more information on the event, visit the SuperCard hubs on Twitter and Facebook.