Film Review: Bridget Jones’s Baby (M) (UK/USA, 2016) is a satisfying end to the story

Fans of Bridget Jones and those feeling nostalgic over 90s-early 2000s rom-coms won’t be disappointed by Bridget Jones’s Baby. The film follows Bridget (Renee Zellweger), now in her 40s, who’s back in square one. Single and bitter about it, but she tries to move on and parties.

This leads to chance steamy encounters with a handsome stranger named Jack (Patrick Dempsey) and her ex Mark Darcy (Colin Firth). Soon she becomes pregnant, involving both men into her life which has turned upside down.

The film has a number of rom-com cliches even a love triangle but they don’t make you cringe. Instead, they’re refreshing and surprise you with a twist. The wittiness and snarkness of Bridget are back and stronger than ever, and her plight continues to make you root for her.

Some scenes echo those from the previous films but Bridget Jones’s Baby can stand on its own. The only thing to criticise is the character development. Despite being set 10 years after the previous film, Bridget and Darcy have changed little and by the end of this film, they grow a bit. Just a bit.

Overall, with an equal balance of comedy and drama, Bridget Jones’s Baby is a satisfying end to the story of a career woman unlucky in love.


Bridget Jones’s Baby is in cinemas now.