First Impressions: The Crown (US/UK, 2016) is a captivating look behind the royal curtain

As the most expensive series ever produced, Netflix was sure to have the formula to successful television down pat. With the long-awaited arrival of new royal drama The Crown, created by Peter Morgan (The Queen, Frost/Nixon), this venture has certainly  paid off and done so in sophisticated style.

The Crown follows the journey a young and newly crowned Queen Elizabeth II (Claire Foy) as she attempts to adjust and navigate her new life as a Queen and wife to Prince Philip (Matt Smith).

Packed early on with emotion, drama and heart, here are some of our favourite things about the series so far –


From the first episode, The Crown‘s title sequence is one of the most intriguing aspects of the series. Netflix possess a knack for creating great title sequences, and in the vein of Daredevil and Orange is the New Black,  the historical drama  has been granted the same captivating treatment.

Accompanying the title sequence is a score composed by the legendary Hans Zimmer, who was also music producer for the series. The series’ score is composed by Rupert Gregson-Williams (Hotel Rwanda, The Legend of Tarzan), and provides an incredibility moving backdrop in moments of intensity.


The performances from each cast member are mesmerising, as standouts in the first two episodes include Claire Foy‘s emotive performance as Queen Elizabeth II and Matt Smith, moving on from his Doctor Who days as conflicted husband Prince Philip. Although the only American on the cast, the most incredible performance so far is John Lithgow  as an eccentric Sir Winston Churchill.


The budget of the series comes into view through the costumes designs and sets of Buckingham Palace, including a trip to Africa.  The immaculate costumes, particularly during the wedding between Elizabeth and Phillip, are absolutely beautiful. Not only is the set bedazzling, but also features authentic vintage props from the time period, adding to the reality of the series.

So far, The Crown is to be both critically acclaimed and widely popular, and set to be one of the most popular Netflix series to see the year out.

First Impressions Score: FOUR AND A HALF STARS (OUT OF FIVE)

All episodes of The Crown will premiere on Netflix this Friday 4th November.