Gamescom 2015: Overwatch gets new character and level details

Blizzard have unveiled more new material for their upcoming shooter Overwatch at Gamescom in Germany overnight. Included in the presentation: a new character and two brand new maps.

<i>Overwatch</i> is shaping up to be one of the most interesting games in Blizzard’s storied history. A team-based first person shooter with MOBA elements, it looks to be taking Team Fortress 2 on at its own game.

Blizzard have kept up a steady stream of character trailers over the last months, showing off entire rounds of the game in order to give a clearer idea of how each class plays in the mix. The latest character to get the long-form trailer treatment is Lúcio, a Brazilian musician. Lúcio is the definition of a bard, a support class character that buffs and heals his team mates using his musical abilities.

Two new levels were also demoed including Numbani, an African city that is home to humans and omnics alike. Players will have to either escort Doom Fist’s gauntlet through the level to the Numbani Heritage Museum or prevent the other team from doing so.

The second level is Volskaya Industries, which is set in a Russian manufacturing center close to Siberia. The hostility between humans and omnics is still quite strong in this area. An attack/defense map, both teams must scap over various points on the map, capturing and defending them until the time runs out.

Overwatch doesn’t have a release date as yet but we are absolutely frothing to get our hands on it and are very jealous of everyone who got to try it out on the show floor at Gamescom this year.