Gamescom 2015: Quantum Break gets new gameplay trailer, release date

Remedy’s Quantum Break has been a long time coming. Earlier today, Microsoft showed off a new pair of trailers at their Gamescom press event and it would seem the game has gotten a whole lot prettier since the last time we saw it.

The trailer shows protagonist Jack Joyce, played by Shawn Ashmore (who fans may know as Iceman/Bobby Drake in the X-Men films. He’ll always be Jake from Animorphs to me though) wielding a few variants of his time manipulation powers. He stops time, he leapfrogs small distances and more but the trailer also shows us enemies who can do what he does, which is new. It also drops a few hints as to how the timeline got all messed up to begin with and highlights other key players including characters played by Aiden Gillan (Game of Thrones) and Dominic Monoghan (Lost, The Lord of the Rings).

Remedy then ended their presentation with a cinematic trailer that recalls the game-meets-tv-show vibe of previous promo material for the game and finally confirmed a release date – April 5, 2016. Consider us pumped.

David Smith

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