Gamescom 2015: Star Wars Battlefront adds Fighter Squadron mode, all dogfights all the time

DICE had a new Star Wars Battlefront trailer to show off during EA’s Gamescom press conference last night and it featured a new mode called Fighter Squadron. The mode focuses on aerial combat over various planetary surfaces and through complicated, dangerous environments.

Fighter Squadron comes loaded for bear with exactly the kind of Star Wars fighters you want for a mode of this type. X-Wings, TIE Interceptors, the Millenium Falcon (which will be most mind-blowingly OP ship in the game, bet on it)  and Slave I.

DICE claims that a game of Fighter Squadron will feature up to 20 combatants and that’s including ships controlled by the AI. You can get a taste of that in the debut trailer embedded above. It’s set on Sullust and we can’t wait to get our hands on it.

Star Wars Battlefront releases on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One on November 17.